Resort Overview

Resort Overview


Nestled between the Penokee Range and Weber Lake, Whitecap Mountains Resort offers a wide range of activities to provide your family or group with a memorable vacation experience. Our all seasons resort and private homes cater to your adventure needs. In the winter, use our 5 lifts and shred down the 43 runs carved throughout the mountains. If you don’t ski or snowboard, don’t worry! Spend your time adventuring among our snowshoeing, cross country skiing, or snowmobiling trails. In the summer, enjoy hiking throughout the ancient Penokee mountains or mountain biking on our 2 mountain bike trails. Swing some clubs on our 9-hole golf course or test your aim on our 9-hole disc golf course. Swim, kayak, paddleboard, or fish on the beautiful, spring-fed Weber Lake. Looking for more of a thrill? Explore the ATV trails winding throughout Northern Wisconsin and Michigan. 


· Snowmobile trails - Trail 6 in Iron County Territory

· 5 chairlifts 

· 43 ski/snowboard runs

· Snowshoe trails

· Cross country skiing trails

· Access to ice fishing 


· 9-hole golf course

     Golf carts available for rent

· 9-hole disc golf   

· ATV trails 

· Mountain biking trails

· Hiking trails

· Access to swimming and fishing in Weber Lake

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Our private homes are perfect for large groups or people looking for more quiet and privacy! 

Whitecap Mountains Resort is located approximately 4 hours away from Green Bay, Wisconsin and Minneapolis, Minnesota, and 6 hours and 45 minutes away from Chicago, Illinois. Looking to fly to your ski-cation? The closest airports are located in Ironwood, Michigan, Rhinelander, Wisconsin, and Duluth, Minnesota. Gogebic-Iron County Airport, located in Ironwood, is 35 minutes away from the resort. Oneida County Airport, in Rhinelander, is located approximately 2 hours from the resort. Duluth International Airport is located approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes. 

Hotel Amenities

· Complimentary continental breakfast from 7 a.m. to 9   a.m. daily

· Hot breakfast upgrades available

· Free Wi-Fi

· Ski in, ski out

· Coffee makers in all rooms

· Daily housekeeping

· Free parking for guests, snowmobile/ATV, and trailers

· Full bar and cafe in the lobby 

· Indoor hot tub and large pool

· Private group space available (advance reservations required)

· Early and late checkout (fees apply)

· Pet friendly (fees apply)

Pet Policy




The following policy was created to preserve the integrity, assets and reputation of Penokee Skiing Group, LLC and Whitecap Mountains Resort while protecting the employees and guests. As we strive to continuously improve, some of the following will be updated with the management approval.

Please read, ask questions for clarification, initial and sign where requested.

This policy is to provide standards for service excellence. These guidelines cannot cover every single scenario. However, if you keep in mind that the policy was created to give excellent and efficient services to our guests, educate our employees and provide efficiency and standards for our accounting department, you’ll know what to do.

This policy covers pets; service animals are not considered “pets” and are covered under the ADA. We want our guests to enjoy our resort with their pets and to do so we must be compliant with state and federal guidelines, as well as local and federal health and safety standards. Emotional Support Animals are not considered service animals. Any questions regarding this policy may be addressed with the staff animal health technician or management. 

Search and Rescue dogs are not considered “pets” and may be covered under a different policy.

This policy covers the hotel. Private rental residences may have their own policies, which can be furnished by our front desk or the rental property owner.  


Dogs are allowed on WCMR/PSC premises. There are no breed restrictions. Dogs that are aggressive to people or other animals or that are considered a noise or other nuisance, will be prohibited. 

An additional, non-refundable deposit of 25.00-per-pet and per-visit is required.

Guests will be expected to fill out a “Pet Waiver Form” upon registration. Guests will be furnished a copy of our pet policy.

Pets are not permitted in areas where food and beverages are served. Pets are not permitted in the pool/spa/hot tub area or the “Green Room” (AKA: Glass Room). Pets are only permitted on designated lodging, hotel rooms and pathways throughout the property. Dogs are prohibited from eliminating directly outside of the hotel or on the pet waste receptacles, or on any other hotel property. There are designated pet areas for recreation and elimination. Guests found violating this policy will be reminded of our policy one time, then they may be asked to remove their pets from our property. 

All dogs are expected to be housebroken. Housebroken means they are trained to relieve themselves outside. Potty training pads are not acceptable and dogs requiring these are not considered house broken. Owners are responsible for all waste and damage caused by their pets. 

Owners are responsible for any pet waste made anywhere on the property and owners must pick up after all waste, and dispose of it in appropriate, designated containers.  Products for cleaning and sanitation after pet waste should be brought in by pet owner but can be found through the housekeeping or office staff upon request. 

Waste must be bagged before disposal into designated containers. Front desk has some bags available upon request.


Dogs must be kept on a leash of no longer than 6-feet inside (in public areas) and 15-feet outside. Pets must be kept under the control of the owner at all times and dogs must give the right-of-way to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Dogs must be kept out of the way of motorized and non-motorized vehicles. 


Penokee Skiing Group, LLC/Whitecap Mountains Resort, Pet Policy

Smaller dogs (typically under 40 pounds) in rooms must be kept crated for housekeeping services to be provided. Housekeeping reserves the right to refrain from cleaning dog-occupied rooms for their safety and the safety and security of the dogs. Guests may coordinate housekeeping at the front desk if they wish to have this service performed during their stay. Alternatively, they may request fresh linens at the front desk. 

In the event of a bite wound *, an incident report form (available in the main office) will be filled out by the pet owner and the local animal health department may be contacted. The pet owner is responsible for all costs incurred for any rabies or other quarantine costs and any medical or legal bills that may result. Penokee Skiing Group, LLC and Whitecap Mountains Resort and any of its agents and affiliates will not be held liable for violation of any of this policy. 

*A bite wound consists of the breaking of skin and bleeding of the wound, or penetration of the skin leaving an open wound with or without blood and any tearing of the skin. Photos of the injury and, when possible, the incident, will be required and should be taken and presented immediately to the office and the First Aid staff. 

At no time is a guest permitted to confront another guest in the event of a bite wound. The incident should be immediately reported so that the appropriate WCMR/PCS staff can manage the incident and the on-site animal health technician (when present) should be notified immediately to help assess the situation. If the AHT is not immediately available, notify the MOD. 

Aggressive dogs (to other animals or people) will not be permitted. Should any dog be determined to be aggressive, the owners will be instructed to remove their dog from the property and that dog will not be permitted to return.

Nuisance behavior, such as perpetual barking, is prohibited. WCMR/PSC reserves the right to have nuisance animals removed from the property and any such dog will not be permitted to return.

Dogs must be kept under the control of the owner at all times; there will be no exceptions. 


Dogs must be up-to-date on rabies and distemper vaccines and must be maintained on external and internal parasite prevention and/or free of internal parasites (IE: fleas, ticks, intestinal worms and flukes, heartworm) and this must be able to be corroborated by a licensed DVM or CVT upon request. The pet owner is responsible for the prevention or eradication of external and internal parasites in their pets; this includes Heart Worm prevention in dogs. 

Proof of current rabies and distemper vaccines must be presented before guest arrival. They may be emailed to or they can me mailed in to her attention. Forms will be reviewed by the staff AHT.  Current rabies tags or county registration tags may be used in lieu of rabies certificate. 

All qualifying pet paperwork first goes to the onsite Animal Health Technician or Manager On Duty for approval, then to the lodging manager to be kept on file. The AHT or MOD must sign off on the paperwork before the guest is allowed to bring the pet onto the property.