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What’s There to Do in the Summer at a Ski Resort?
Whitecap Mountain Resort
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What’s There to Do in the Summer at a Ski Resort?

With shelter-in-place orders lifting across various states, many people are getting the itch to travel. After all, there’s only so long one can stay cooped up in quarantine. At Whitecap Mountain Resort, we completely understand and support you and your loved ones as you venture out from your homes and begin to join the world again for some recreation and fun. When you do this responsibly and safely, you can full-out dive into the vacation you and your family deserve while also respecting the health and safety of others. Summer fun is waiting for you!

When it comes to summer fun, though, your ideas of where to vacation might be a bit limited, so to speak. Many people, when they think of a summer vacation, envision warm, sandy beaches or a lush tropical paradise—somewhere where you can roast like a lobster under the sun, catch some waves, collect some shells, and spend so much cash on tanning lotion that it becomes a legitimate part of your travel budget. It’s safe to say that there is definitely a preconceived notion about what a summer vacation has to look like or entail. We, at Whitecap Mountain Resort, are here to help you shed your preconceptions about what a summer vacation can be.

Have you ever considered vacationing at a ski resort? Yes, in the summer! While not all Midwest ski resorts have the resources to accommodate guests year-round, Whitecap Mountain is different. We’re more than just a winter resort. Our centralized location in Upson, Wisconsin has an expansive area, 400 acres of it, to be exact, and versatile grounds make us a great fit for summer vacations too, no matter what a great time might look like for you and your loved ones. If you’re searching for fun things to do in the summer in Wisconsin, there is no shortage of them here.

Just what is it that makes a vacation at Whitecap Mountain Resort so awesome? We’re glad you asked! Below, we’ll dive into what sets us and our location apart when it comes to summer recreational activities, as well as give you just a taste of what’s waiting for you when you set foot at our Wisconsin resort.

Of course, just reading about all the fun you’ll have won’t do it justice; you’ll have to experience it for yourself to get what we really mean!

Experience the Allure of a Wisconsin Summer

Whether you’re a Midwesterner at heart or someone completely new to the region, a Wisconsin summer brings something to the table for everyone. For one, a temperate climate makes the season perfect for those who don’t fancy cooking themselves in the three-digit temperatures that are so common in more southerly vacation destinations. Should you desire a little more heat, though, camp out on a lawn chair in the full sun and catch some rays! For those who desire a completely in-the-wilderness vacationing experience, the state is dotted with prime destinations, but these destinations are often just a short jaunt away from civilization. A Wisconsin vacation provides opportunities for all sorts of people to fully immerse themselves in a vacationing experience. The location is a great fit for diverse families or groups of friends who all have different vacation ideas in mind. At Whitecap Mountain Resort, we strive to embrace the versatility that our location lends us. Unlike some other resorts, we spare no effort to cater to all sorts of ideas of fun.

●        We’ve got spots for two kinds of golf! | Have you ever heard of disc golf? It’s quite similar to regular golf, except it’s played with special frisbees and net-like devices instead of putters and holes. It’s a sport for those who want to add a little more off-road to their golfing experience. At Whitecap Mountain Resort, we’ve got a nine-hole disc golf course and a rental booth to boot, in addition to our nine-hole standard golf course. Stick to one or try a bit of both—whatever suits your style.

●        Explore the mountain your way | Everybody deserves to experience the beauty and serenity of Wisconsin in the summer; that’s why we provide a variety of avenues for doing so. Whether you want to hike, use a golf cart, ride your ATV, or paddle in a kayak, Whitecap Mountain Resort makes getting in touch with the natural world easy and accessible for everyone.

●        Kids or no kids, we’re a great fit | For those groups without young children, the Wine Hut is the perfect place to enjoy an adult beverage and get to know your fellow travelers better. If you have kids, though, we’ve got plenty for families to enjoy, too! Teach your children about agriculture with a visit to Saxon Berry Farm and let them run off some excess energy at Lake Superior. No matter your age or family structure, the fun is waiting for you at Whitecap Mountain Resort.

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