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What’s the Right Age for My Child to Start Skiing or Snowboarding?
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What’s the Right Age for My Child to Start Skiing or Snowboarding?

If you’re a parent who wants to get their kid involved in ski lessons, we at Whitecap Mountains Resort commend you! Getting their feet wet on the mountainside is a wonderful learning experience for all kinds of children. It’s a great way to build confidence, get some good exercise, gain independence, and meet new friends. In fact, it’s so beneficial to the development of all sorts of kids that we’ve written a full ski resort blog on just what ski and snowboarding lessons can do for your child. Spoiler alert: the benefits extend far beyond the slopes themselves.

You’re no doubt excited for them, but you do have some reservations—namely if they’re ready to start ski or snowboarding lessons. You want your child to not only learn a bunch but have a blast too, and feeling overwhelmed, sad, left-out, or otherwise uncooperative is no way to spend a ski resort vacation of any sort. Your child should have fun in their kids’ ski lesson just as much as they learn—but are they prepared mentally to do both?

All kids are individuals.

Fun is in no short supply at Whitecap Mountains Resort’s instruction program. No matter if you choose private ski lessons or go the group route, our instructors always prioritize laughter and lightheartedness while teaching their pupils important life lessons and safety skills.

Our ski lessons are open to children of all ages, with hour-long options for ages four to seven, but every child progresses at their own mental pace. Truth be told, a child of any age can learn things about skiing and enjoy the slopes, but to best enjoy the blast that is Whitecap Mountains Resort’s lessons, they must have a few initial skills. The following are great signs that your child is ready for lessons in that respect:

They’re okay with trusting other adults.

If your child is constantly clinging to your arm so much so that they won’t trust or listen to the instructor, then they won’t have as fun a time as one who discovers the thrill of (supervised) independence.

They’ve got a decent attention span. 

Of course, kids are kids, but showing some degree of focus that comes from a genuine desire to learn a sport will help them get the most out of their ski or snowboard lesson. If you’re paying for an hour of fun-filled instruction time, having your kid quit after fifteen minutes can be a bit disheartening.

They are truly excited to learn to ski or snowboard.

If they’re determined to learn, nobody can stop them! With Whitecap Mountains Resort’s focus on fun, if your kid is excited, they’re perfectly ready to begin.

Okay, my kid is ready. How can I set them up for success?

Well, you can leave most of that to us! Like we said, we at Whitecap Mountains Resort place a big emphasis on giggles and goofiness—while keeping safety and proper ski resort conduct in mind, of course, as well as the progression of skills. If your kid’s on vacation, they deserve to have fun, too, and our top-notch instructors never forget that.

Of course, there are a few things that your child might need to come equipped with before hitting the slopes for the first time to ensure a great experience. Luckily, they’re pretty similar to what an adult skier or snowboarder might take with them on their adventures.

A proper ski outfit

You wouldn’t go out on the slopes yourself without one, so why should your kid? A jacket, pair of snow pants, mittens, goggles, good boots, sunscreen, and a helmet are a must. Younger kids especially can get grumpy when cold or wet (honestly, who can’t relate?) so make sure stuff is water-repellant. Hand warmers put into gloves with pockets designed for them can also be a lifesaver.

A good’s night’s rest

If your kid is so excited they can’t sit still the night before—well, you know they’ll have a great time the next day! However, just like an adult taking a ski lesson, a decent night’s sleep helps to lay the foundation for that fun. Nobody functions their best on not enough shut-eye.

A hearty meal and some snacks

We all feel our best with the right fuel, so make sure to stop by our amenities for a hearty meal before heading out. With Whitecap Mountains Resort’s great food and good company, the stage will be set for an amazing day out on the slopes.

Book your trip at Whitecap Mountains Resort today!

Our Upson, Wisconsin ski resort welcomes outdoorsmen of all abilities, ages, and skill levels. If you’re looking for a Midwest ski resort experience that you and your kids will remember for the rest of your lives, book your trip today or give us a call at 715-561-2227. We’ll see you on the mountainside!

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