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Food for Skiers: Why You Should Eat Well Before You Hit the Slopes
Whitecap Mountain Resort
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Food for Skiers: Why You Should Eat Well Before You Hit the Slopes

While planning a ski trip, finding a ski resort known for its food probably isn’t first on your priority list. Sure, it would be awesome if the resort had great dining options, but you’re likely more focused on finding a place with a variety of fun trails and affordable lift tickets and lodging. At Whitecap Mountains Resort in Upson, Wisconsin, we’re proud to offer both pocketbook-friendly ski passes and some of the best slopes in the nation!

But before you stuff your pockets with protein bars, know that you have other options. When looking into ski resorts for your winter vacation, consider one with resort food and/or continental breakfast. It’s important to have a good meal for a day of skiing!

Why Good Food Matters for Skiers

Have you heard of carbo-loading? In short, it’s an eating practice used by certain types of athletes to maximise the amount of available energy before an important sporting event. As its name implies, it involves consuming large amounts of carbohydrates, which gives the athlete the nutritional resources their body needs to perform at their best. It’s not a consistent diet; athletes generally practice it only for a few days before the event. While you may or may not be a professional sportsman, you can at least glean from this widely used technique that food affects how the body works even in the short-term, especially as far as athletic performance is concerned.

It’s undeniable that skiing is a sport. All that legwork controlling your bodyweight has to count for something! Therefore, by giving your body good food and good nutrition—whatever that may mean for you—is the best way to make sure you have what it takes to tackle the trickiest slopes and push your personal limits.

Just think what would happen if you didn’t fuel yourself correctly:

●        Irritability. We all know how it is to be “hangry.” You’re irritable, snippy, and tend to snap at people you later regret snapping at. That’s no way to spend your precious time off, even if it’s only a temporary feeling! Fuel yourself well to avoid the inevitable moodiness that results if you don’t.

●        You don’t feel up for anything. It’s all too common to feel weak and under-the-weather when you’re hungry or otherwise fueled improperly. When you’re vacationing at a ski resort, this is the exact opposite of how you should be feeling! Places like Whitecap Mountains Resort give you the opportunity to feel on top of the world. Don’t waste your time physically feeling anything but.

●        Less mindful time on the slopes. When you’re hungry or don’t have the nutrition you need, skiing becomes a chore that it shouldn’t be. If all you’re thinking about is how hungry you are, of course you won’t want to go for one more slope with your skiing buddies. If they do manage to rope you into it, your mind will still be somewhere else: in your stomach, figuratively speaking. Feed yourself right so you can spend more time enjoying what you came to the ski resort for—and make eating great a part of that while you’re at it.

As you can see, good food and a great time at your ski resort go hand in hand. Without the right kind of fuel, you’ll be stuck feeling sluggish, grumpy, and distracted, which are probably the exact three feelings you took a vacation to escape. When you stay at Whitecap Mountains Resort, you’ll not only experience great slopes at affordable prices; you’ll chow down on some of the best ski resort food around.

Get Some Good Eats at Whitecap Mountains Resort

At Whitecap Mountains Resort, our dining options include continental breakfast for hotel guests, a hotel bar and cafe, and slope-slide Wine Hut. Combine that with helpful staff and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, and you’re all set to sit down, fuel up, and get back on the slopes—or to stay a while!

If wine factors into your idea of a good time, our Wine Hut can obviously cater to that. Here you’ll find select adult beverages, as well as a range of snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. No matter your tastes, there’s bound to be something that suits your taste buds and your stomach.

Want to pack your unique idea of a great meal? Feel free to enjoy it on our picnic tables located just underneath the rental shop. We understand that some of our guests have nutritional needs they may choose to satisfy on their own, and we’re more than happy to accommodate.

Book Your Trip at Whitecap Mountains Resort Today

Great food, great slopes, and great people: what more could you want out of a Midwest ski resort? Book your trip today or contact our Upson, Wisconsin office with questions at 715-561-2227.

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