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Fishing at Whitecap Mountains Resort: The Best Vacation for Any Angler
Whitecap Mountain Resort
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Fishing at Whitecap Mountains Resort: The Best Vacation for Any Angler

Are you a professional fisherman looking to rekindle your relationship with the sport you love? A parent of a fishing-crazy family? A person looking to get back in touch with nature? Regardless of who you are or where you come from, if you’re craving some angling, then fishing at Whitecap Mountains Resort is ideal. Situated in Upson, Iron County, Wisconsin, we’re a sweet spot for Wisconsin fishing and for all sorts of outdoorsmen to enjoy what they love.

●        Lake Weber’s panfish population makes it a great spot to take your kids | Panfish are so named because they never outgrow the size of a frying pan. Though no one species is actually called a panfish, the term can be used to refer to members of the Bass, Sunfish, or Crappie family, among others. They also tend to be good eating (though make sure to follow all laws and regulations if you intend to take your catches home!). While these small fries may not be too much of a thrill for experienced anglers—unless they’re bringing them home for dinner—small children delight in catching them, as their manageable size means that it’s easy to pull them out of the water. Some species also school, making lots of action-packed fishing possible, which serves as another draw for younger anglers. Lake Weber, which is near to Whitecap Mountains Resort, has a thriving panfish population, so if you’ve got a kid who’s eager to fish, there’s no better place than here.

●        Lake Superior is home to much larger catches | Filled with a diverse ecosystem of fish, Lake Superior is a great stop for experienced anglers. Everything from Walleye to the Northern Pike can be found in this deep lake. If you’re really in it to catch a big one, consider going after Lake Sturgeon. These bottom-dwelling behemoths can grow longer and heavier than many people! The lake’s vast area, combined with the variety of fish you can catch here and many boat launches, make it a no-brainer for the top-notch angler looking for a challenge, and it’s just a short jaunt away from Whitecap Mountains Resort.

●        Have a family of mixed skill levels? Just attend both! |  When you stay at Whitecap Mountains Resorts, you’ll enjoy the benefits of an ultra-convenient location. Fishing families will revel in trying a little bit of everything! On day one, head on over to Weber Lake and spend some quality time with your fish-crazy kids, but take the adrenaline up a notch on day two by taking on Lake Superior. Or, do it in reverse—the choice is yours!

Why Vacation at Whitecap Mountains Resort if I Just Want to Fish?

You may have noticed that local fishing attractions are only a sliver of what we offer. Our resort is a hot spot for mountain tours, disc golf, Wisconsin waterfall tours, and other things to do in the summer. If you’re of the solely angling sort, you might wonder if it’s worth your to tuck in at such a versatile vacation spot. Our answer: absolutely!

●        Our amenities are unbeatable | From the Wine Hut to some of the best dining around, we have everything you need to make you feel at home. After a long day on the lake, come back to Whitecap Mountains Resort to enjoy a cold drink and friendly service. Nothing else can make you feel at home, quite like our exceptional care.

●        Spend time among other like-minded outdoorsmen | You’ll be treated like family here—and not just by the staff. At Whitecap Mountains Resort, we’ve strived to create an atmosphere where outdoorsmen feel at home among groups of peers who share a similar love for the outdoors. Make connections over dinner and swap fishing stories with fellow anglers. You might just end up heading home not only with tales of the huge fish that got away but with memories of new friends who didn’t!

●        Experience nature in a whole new way | As a fisherman, you no doubt, have a deep respect for nature. You’ve also probably encountered firsthand the gorgeousness of Wisconsin from the boat or the dock, but that’s only one view—one way to connect with our state’s natural beauty. Fall in love with the outdoors all over again with a waterfall tour or a trip to the well-known Copper Peak. There’s nothing quite like a change in perspective to show you why you became enamored with nature in the first place, and nothing quite like it to make your appreciation for it even deeper.

Ready for an Unforgettable Vacation Experience? Then Whitecap Mountains Resort is Ready for You

We’re sure that with us, no matter what kind of angler you are, you’ll bear witness to the trip of a lifetime. Book your stay here or contact us at 715-561-2227 with any further questions. We’ll see you out on the water!

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