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Why Golf Is a Great Sport for the Whole Family
Whitecap Mountain Resort
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Why Golf Is a Great Sport for the Whole Family

There’s a stereotype, especially among young people, that assumes golf is a boring, stuffy sport. Stemming from media portrayals and the type of people who are highlighted playing it, the reputation that follows golf around states that it’s no fun at all. However, like many stereotypes, this one doesn’t hold a grain of truth. Golf can truly be enjoyed by anyone, young or old, and it’s a sport that can cross generational boundaries and bring families closer together.

Here are a few reasons why golf is a great sport for the whole family.

You Play at Your Own Pace

Once you’ve got all the necessary clubs, balls, and the right bag, anyone can play golf. If you have a big group of retired pros, games can get heated, but nobody says they have to be! Though the inherent nature of golf is indeed competitive, players are free to rein it in or battle it out as they please. So long as their activity on the court doesn’t disturb others or hold up holes, everyone is free to take a game of golf at their own pace. It’s a sport that, unlike others, creates a space for everyone.

If you have beginners in your group that are holding up another group behind you, it’s polite to let them pass. Or your family can keep things moving by playing “Best Ball.”

It’s a Peaceful Outdoor Activity

Unlike other sports played on courts, golf is played on a wide-open field of green that can stretch for miles. Anyone can appreciate the serenity of this, and while there are some courses that are overly-manicured and artificial-feeling, the nine-hole golf course at Whitecap Mountains Resort maintains a natural feel on the green, while also paying respect to the nature that surrounds it.

Situated deep in Iron County, Wisconsin, our golf course is surrounded by trails and is a frequent destination for those seeking mountain tours and other outdoorsy things to do in the summer. Getting back to nature this way is great for children, teens, adults, and seniors alike, but you’ll only find this sort of experience at Whitecap Mountains Resort.

You Can Ride in a Cart

Golf is inclusive from a physical standpoint, because you don’t have to walk the entire course unless you want to. With the use of rental carts, even those who experience mobility troubles can take to the green with ease. If you can swing a club, you can golf – and have a great time doing it!

If you want to get your kids excited about golf, the carts definitely don’t hurt your cause. Just be sure to teach them to drive responsibly by sticking to designated paths.

Golf Can Be Affordable

Most people think of golf as an expensive hobby, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have family members who are golfing for the first time, you can typically find used clubs in good condition at your local sporting goods store. And there are plenty of courses like ours that don’t charge an arm and a leg for a round!

3 Reasons to Golf at Whitecap Mountains Resort This Summer

Whether you’re a serious golfer or a casual one, a round at Skye Golf Club on Whitecap Mountains Resort is nothing short of spectacular.

1.      Family Bonding

Do the grandparents and children in your family want something they can both have a blast doing? How about the in-laws? Try golf on for size! As we stated above, golf is both physically accessible and universally soothing. Plus, long cart rides or walks between holes leaves plenty of time for chatting and getting to know one another. Let the old dogs teach the young pups some new tricks and book a family golfing vacation at Whitecap Mountains Resort today!

2.      Relaxing Escape

Work, bills, family troubles – we all have our share of things we’d like to get away from for a while. There’s nothing like a nice long stretch of green and a club in hand to transport you mentally to a different place. Drop your troubles at the threshold and take off for an afternoon of golfing at Whitecap Mountains Resort with the ones you love most. Perhaps, during all the talking that happens, you’ll leave the course with your problems solved, not just forgotten for a while.

3.      Scenic Views

From Lake Superior to the Penokee Mountains, you’ll get to see it all as you meander through the course at Whitecap. As we stated above, our golf course works with nature, not against it, so you’re free to experience the wild and unbridled beauty of Wisconsin as you putt. Just take care not to get too distracted – you’ve still got a game to play! 

Book Your Family Golf Trip at Whitecap Today!

Whitecap Mountains Resort offers year-round family recreation, lodging, and down-home hospitality in Upson, Wisconsin. Spread over a vast 400 acres within the ancient Penokee Mountains, it’s the perfect location for a corporate retreat, mountaintop wedding, extended family reunion, or relaxing getaway. Book a trip here or contact us with any questions.

The fairway is calling! From all of us at Whitecap, we hope to see you soon.

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