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Disc Golf Vacation Destinations: Whitecap Mountains Resort
Whitecap Mountain Resort
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Disc Golf Vacation Destinations: Whitecap Mountains Resort

Golf with discs? While it may sound a little strange to some at first blush, disc golf is a popular sport with countless clubs and teams across the country. It’s an infectious hobby, one that’s hard to stop once you start, and one that quickly spreads among family members and friend groups alike.

You don’t have to be a disc-golf pro to enjoy the sport, and getting started is easy. Read on to learn more, then check out our disc golf course at Whitecap Mountains resort!

What Is Disc Golf?

Disc golf is just that: golf with discs. Just like golf clubs, there are different discs for different purposes (driving versus putting, for example), but unlike golf, these discs tend to be much cheaper to buy than clubs, and you’re far less likely to lose them than you would golf balls! Discs often are brightly colored, making it easy to find wayward stragglers between holes, and they’re about the size of a dinner plate, making them quite conspicuous otherwise. It really is quite a beginner-friendly sport.

Players toss discs, either backhand or forehand, off of a tee – a stretch of land that looks sort of like a short runway. There are often different tees set up for different skill levels, so multiple people can enjoy the same course. The goal is to land the discs in a basket, a standing structure with dangling chains which acts to stop the disc’s momentum. Just like in golf, the objective is to make it to the hole with as few strokes as possible.

Think playing sounds easy? While disc golf is great because anyone who can throw a flying disc can play, courses become more challenging as you become more skilled and aim to get the disc in the hole in fewer throws. Moreover, courses often bend and wind through wooded areas (though there exist groomed runways where you throw), making learning how to throw curved or banking discs essential. The sport is beginner-friendly, but there is ample room for expansion and challenging yourself as your skills increase.

Disc Golf at Whitecap Mountains Resort

Disc golfers will travel for miles for great throwing grounds. If you're in this boat, check out our gorgeous nine-hole course! For only $5, you can go the whole nine yards and enjoy an afternoon’s worth of disc golf, reservation free. We even offer carts for rental should you need them. Spend the day doing what you love in the Wisconsin heat, and hit up the Wine Hut afterwards to cool down with a set of drinks or sodas.

For those who have never tried disc golf, our course offers a great experience for you too. Anyone of any age and any ability can play! All they need is something to throw a disc with. This makes disc golf an accessible sport for the whole family. Kids will love a spot of good-hearted competition, and adults will love the meditative atmosphere – or perhaps a spot of good-hearted competition themselves! Disc golf truly brings something for everyone to the table, so regardless of who you are or where you come from, you can enjoy it.

When you go disc golfing at Whitecap Mountains, you’ll be surrounded by acres of beautiful mountainside and recreational possibilities. Check out our Wisconsin waterfall tours or mountain tours, cruise on down to our local berry farm, or drop a line in the water at nearby lakes. Visiting Whitecap means no matter your idea of fun, there’s something here for you. Disc golf is only one of many summer activities we offer!

Book a Trip to Whitecap Mountains Resort Today!

Whether you’re a denizen of disc golf courses, a hiking hound, or a fishing fiend, there’s something at Whitecap Mountains for you. Check out our courses or book a trip here. We’ll see you on the course!

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