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4 Reasons to Take Your Spring Break at Whitecap
Whitecap Mountain Resort

4 Reasons to Take Your Spring Break at Whitecap

With all the stress the past months have brought, you deserve a vacation—and what better way to scratch that itch than to take it over you or your kids’ spring break? The weather’s finally warmer, greenery is returning, and everyone is raring to get out and explore after a long winter cooped up.

As idealistic as a spring break vacation sounds, though, current global circumstances require that you do it smart. Covid is still a health hazard, after all, as vaccination has just begun. Couple that with the fact that social distancing and similar practices drastically cut down on fun vacation venues and getting out there this year can be a real hassle.

But it doesn’t have to be—because you just found a safe summer resort where fun is, and always will be, a priority. Welcome to Whitecap!

We’ve Got Warm-Weather Activities Aplenty

Though we’re primarily known as a winter resort, don’t let that fool you; we’re a year-round space for your outdoor extravaganzas. 

●        Get your swing on at our nine-hole golf course

●        We’re practically an ATV resort with all of the trails nearby

●        Enjoy fruitful local fishing holes

●        Take a quiet break in nature with waterfall tours and mountain tours

●        Practice your aim on our disc golf course

And that’s just the beginning! No matter what your idea of fun is, there’s an opportunity here for you to pursue it and meet like-minded folk along the way. If trying something new is more your speed, you’ll of course find ways to do so given all that we offer.

Running out of things to do or try is practically unheard of here! In fact, it’s sometimes hard to choose from all the options available—which is quite a good problem to have, if you ask us. But if you need help figuring out what your next adventure will be, our staff are more than happy to point you in the right direction. You might even consider asking your fellow vacationers what they’re looking forward to trying; the community here is notoriously friendly and helpful.

Social Distancing With These Activities Is Easy

We’re not playing around when it comes to the wellbeing of our guests; we still acknowledge the ongoing threat of COVID 19. As we said, fun is our top priority here, and you can’t possibly have fun if you’re constantly worried about your health.

The good news is, though, that many of the warm-weather activities above mesh with social-distancing practices incredibly well. It’s easy to maintain a safe berth between you and others on a remote mountain trail, for example, and fishing isn’t exactly a spectator sport. Plus, we enforce spaced lines, and staggered rental pickup times are available to keep you even safer. When you vacation with us, it’s easy to sample a medley of outdoor fun without high risk.

We Take Clean Accommodations as Seriously

Reason two to vacation at Whitecap: We’re Covid-conscious, even when you’re not out having fun. Staying safe on a vacation is about comprehensive best practices, and in our book this includes our accommodations. But that doesn’t mean we forget about comfort!

Stay Safe in Our Top-Notch Hotel

With daily house-keeping, social distancing stressed in public spaces, attention paid to efficient traffic flow, and masks worn at all times indoors, you won’t find a better group accommodation space. Plus, we’ll still have all the yummy treats and same down-home attitude you love from us, and the same relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

Oh, and did we mention our ski lodge resort also has some pretty fun amenities?

Rent a Personal Space and Invest in Your Health

Aside from our lovely, well-cleaned hotel, we at Whitecap also offer private lodging for those so inclined. Spacious yet homey, these buildings are for those who want to sit in the lap of luxury—and for those who want to keep themselves healthy while doing it. When you’re staying with only your loved ones, you greatly reduce the potential for virus transmission, meaning that you can enjoy the safe, worry-free vacation you deserve.

Whitecap Mountains Resort Is Waiting for you

We know that choosing to vacation over spring break this year can feel like much heavier of a decision than usual—and we’re here so it doesn’t need to be.

By choosing an outdoor style vacation, you’re greatly reducing transmission potential in the first place, and when that outdoor vacation’s location is Whitecap, you’re taking huge strides towards protecting your family’s health. The relatively spaced-out nature of the activities offered here plus our social-distancing policies mean that you don’t need to compromise on safety to have a springtime blast.

So what are you waiting for? Spring Break 2021 is just around the corner, and you’ve got somewhere to be. Book a hotel room with us here or give our Upson office a call today at 715-561-2227 with questions.

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