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3 Benefits of Private Ski Lodging Over a Hotel Room
Whitecap Mountain Resort
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3 Benefits of Private Ski Lodging Over a Hotel Room

Looking into that last-minute ski resort trip? We’re happy you’ve chosen Whitecap! And because we’re the most exciting Midwest ski resort around, you’re sure to be happy too. Just check out our ski trail maps!

While you might be ready to tackle every snowy slope on that page, you might be a little more wishy-washy when it comes to where to stay. At a winter resort that offers both hotels and private ski lodging, what’s the better option?

Understanding the Difference

That might become a little more clear once you gain a more concrete understanding of the terms. While they are somewhat subjective and dependent on which ski resort with lodging you choose to attend, to us at Whitecap there’s quite a marked contrast.

●        Our ski resort hotel provides the traditional hotel atmosphere, with a continental breakfast and ski-in, ski-out access.

●        Our private home rentals offer a secluded retreat in an individual dwelling.

So what’s better? Neither! They both are amazing enhancements to the already amazing Whitecap Mountains Resort experience.

That being said, there is such a thing as a type of accommodation being a better fit for a certain family over others. To help you make the most of your time with us, we’ll dive into when this might be true for private ski lodging.

Where Private Ski Lodging Excels

Are you introverted or otherwise looking to get away from people? Is your family loud and rambunctious, and do they like room to run? Are you looking for a true home-away-from-home experience? Then look no further than the Whitecap Mountains Resort private home rentals.

Enjoy Homey Comforts in a Quiet Space

Some vacationers love the hustle-and-bustle, the constant exposure to new people and new perspectives. Others are looking for a space to unwind and reflect. While both types are of course welcome at our ski resort, those who are looking for a slower-paced stay might find the solace they seek in our personal homes.

A space solely for you and your family provides you with the peace and quiet you need to unwind after a long day on the slopes. Bring all your creature comforts—books, heated blankets, you name it—and feel like you’re right back in your own home, just without the pressure of that incoming virtual meeting or the chores that need doing.

So stretch out, camp out, and chill out in a space that has all the warmth of the one you’ve made back home. You deserve it.

Let Your Kids Be Kids

Have young children or a baby? They’re probably loud, and there’s probably nothing you can do about it. After all, the more you tell your kids to hush, the more they’ll inevitably crank up the volume!

Well, let them crank up the volume—in a private home, they won’t disturb others, so you won’t need to deal with the stress of trying to quiet them. Plus, if that noise is joyous, there’s no need to come along and ruin their fun. Relieve your own nerves and let your kids be kids in a private ski lodge at Whitecap Mountains Resort. When everyone can have fun in their own way, it’s bound to bring your family closer!

Embrace Extra Space

While our ski lodge hotel rooms are perfectly generous, a home is inherently larger than a hotel room. Homes, then, provide awesome accomodations for multi-family getaways, or for the single family that needs to spread out in a space to feel comfortable.

Are the in-laws tagging along on this ski resort vacation? How about the grandparents? The cousins? You’ll never need to turn those you love down due to a lack of space. Whitecap Mountains Resort has homes for even the largest family gatherings. Rent one and make your ski resort trip a multi-generational one to remember.

Does your family need to get away from one another one in a while—to have some private time? While a hotel room might not allow for this, a home sure will. Make the time you spend together more meaningful by enjoying the time you spend apart. Rest and recuperate in your own way and come back to the action revitalized.

Play How You Want at Whitecap Mountains Resort

We’ve got housing for all types of families—but our inclusivity doesn’t stop there. From snowshoeing to cross-country skiing to snowmobile tours, we’ve got space for all sorts of fun. Plus, within those spaces are spaces for those of all skill levels to challenge themselves and have a blast. No matter who you are or how well you can ski, you’ll find friends here of similar calibur who share your love for the sport.

If you’re looking for an expansive ski resort that caters to everyone’s idea of a good time, there’s no better place to stay than Whitecap. Book your trip today, or contact our Upson office at 715-561-2227 with questions.

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