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Three Awesome Gear Items to Bring to Whitecap Mountains Resort
Whitecap Mountain Resort
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Three Awesome Gear Items to Bring to Whitecap Mountains Resort

You’ve just booked the ski resort trip of a lifetime. The winter resort team at Whitecap can’t wait to see you on the slopes—and off of them, too, enjoying luxurious amenities like the wine hut and stuffing yourself to the brim with scrumptious ski resort food. After all, 2020 put all of us through the wringer, and you deserve time and space to kick back, relax, and do what you love. In short: Whitecap Mountains Resort extends an early welcome to you!

What’s never early: packing for your trip. Indeed, even though it may seem a little silly, we recommend starting as early as possible when it comes to getting your ski or snowboarding gear together. Doing so saves you so much stress. If this is your first time out for the season, you may, for example, have forgotten to make needed repairs before your jacket was shoved in the closet to weather out the warmer months. Imagine skiing, snowshoeing, or boarding without adequate protection—that’s the pits! Or imagine running around three days before your flight trying to find a shop that stocks the only brand of goggles you use. Talk about a headache!

You deserve to start your winter resort vacation at Whitecap on as good a foot (Ski? Board?) as possible, and we’re here to help. Below, you’ll find a nonexhaustive packing list—a few of the essentials a good outdoorsman needs to have a blast at any Midwest ski resort. You’ll learn why this gear is important—beyond the obvious reasons, of course—and how to know if it’s in good enough shape to hold up through snowy, exuberant fun. 

Ready to start packing?

Helmets Are a Must.

Do you like brain trauma? How about skull fractures? We didn’t think so—so bring and wear your helmet! They’re available in a variety of fun styles and colors, and you can even decorate them with stickers, so really, the “it’s too dorky-looking” excuse is moot. In fact, headgear is a great way to express yourself on the slopes, which is yet another reason it’s important. If you don’t have a helmet yet, go out and buy one; they’re longlasting and a great investment, considering they can save your life.

However, long-lasting doesn’t mean immortal. Here are a few signs that your current helmet, if you have one, is about ready to give up the ghost:

●        It’s all scratched up. Does your helmet look like a wolverine’s favorite chew toy? Deep scratches can indicate that your helmet can no longer absorb impact like it used to, so it’s perhaps time to look into a replacement.

●        You drop it all the time. Helmets are tough. Dropping it on snow, ice or even concrete once or twice is unlikely to cause anything but cosmetic damage. However, if it’s been kicked around quite a bit in storage, at the very least it warrants a good inspection before you put it to the test on the mountain.

●        It’s saved you in a serious crash. The general consensus is this: if it has saved your life, replace it. Helmets typically have a lifetime of “one big crash.” Even if it looks fine, you never know what’s going on underneath the hood, so to speak.

Don’t Forget to Zip Up!

A good ski jacket will stop frostbite and hypothermia from putting an end to your ski resort trip. It also keeps you warm, allowing you to take to the outdoors in comfort. Plus, it just looks cool! Match it with your skis or board for an eye-catching style.

A variety of innovative jacket models are on the market today, so don’t be afraid to go try some on. If you’re set on using your ol’ reliable, though, making sure it can do its job is, of course, critical to your winter resort vacation’s success. Check for rips in any watertight fabrics or lost insulation and repair them. You may also consider testing the water-protection capabilities of the fabric. If droplets soak through, it might be time to replace it, or at the very least give it a spraydown with the waterproofer of your choice.

Protect Your Eyeballs Please!

Goggles, though they may be cumbersome at times, are another crucial piece of protective equipment. They help reduce the sun’s glare, allowing you to see clearer on the slopes, and they keep your eyes safe from wind, wayward flying ice chips, and the like. You need to see where you’re going, after all, to prevent a nasty crash.

To best maximize the comfort and safety of your eye protection, check over the foam, straps, and lenses. Damage to any of these can cause anything from unattractive red marks on the face to slippage to not being able to see clearly—all respectively, of course. Repairs can be made to this piece of equipment, but anything that compromises your safety or comfort after your best attempts means that you’ll need to replace them before your trip.

Experience Great Fun, Food, and Culture at Whitecap Mountains Resort

Haven’t booked your trip yet? Come see what this ski resort with lodging is all about! Have questions? Give our Upson, Wisconsin ski resort a call at 715-561-2227 and we’ll be happy to answer them. See you on the mountainside!

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