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How to Plan a Successful Snowmobile Tour at Whitecap Mountains Resort
Whitecap Mountain Resort
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How to Plan a Successful Snowmobile Tour at Whitecap Mountains Resort

The roar of the engine, powder flying through the air – you can’t wait to get out on your snowmobile this year, and snowmobile tours near Whitecap Mountains Resort are the perfect way to do that! Enjoy jaw-dropping views of Upson nature, then come back for some of the best ski resort food around and a warm room in which to rest your head. Top that off with a friendly crew and an enthusiastic atmosphere and the perfect weekend (or week-long) getaway practically writes itself.

If you’re a snowmobiler, though, you know that preparation is everything when it comes to a successful trip. Nothing is worse than getting stranded due to mechanical issues or getting pulled over by the authorities for not having the proper registration. There’s no better way to ruin a ski resort vacation than with frostbite or a nasty fine!

Before you take to the nearby Trail 6 on your Whitecap Mountains Resort extravaganza, make sure the following are squared away.

Do You Have a Snowmobile License?

Every state has unique requirements regarding who can operate vehicles, so make sure you’re listening to Wisconsin’s. A good place to start can be the state’s official website or by talking to other travelers who have taken snowmobile tours in the area.

Stumped? The friendly winter resort staff at Whitecap Mountains Resort are used to playing host to those from out of state, and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction. We want everyone who sets foot on our resort to have the time of their lives, and of course, when it comes to snowmobile tours, you’ll need to be legally clear in order to do that.

Is Your Snowmobile Ready for the Long Haul?

If you aren’t renting, you’ll need to make sure your machine is up to par before heading out for your trip. Check out all the liquid components that help your vehicle perform, including your gas, coolant, and brake fluids.

If you haven’t had your machine out for a while, ensure that your carburetor is clean, as it can cause engine failure if it’s poorly maintained. Your skis – the ski-like, for lack of a better word, appendages on the bottom of your snowmobile – also deserve some attention. For plastic ones, gouges or cracks can indicate the snowmobile is unsafe to operate, as can holes or rust on skis made of steel.

Are You Physically Fit for the Trip?

Snowmobiling is a blast, but it’s a demanding one. You need a degree of strength and endurance to operate such a powerful machine, in addition to a confident demeanor. Keep an eye on your wellbeing, both mentally and physically, and do your best to take care of yourself before your trip. You’ll want to be at your best to get all the enjoyment you can out of a rockin’ snowmobile tour, after all!

It perhaps could be considered common sense that you’d want to prepare, as far as the aforementioned things were concerned. If you’re a veteran taker of snowmobile yours, you probably were already on it, though a reminder is always helpful.

However, there’s one thing that paradoxically catches snowmobilers of all calibers off guard, year after year, even if they have plenty of experience dealing with it: the cold.

How to Beat Back the Wisconsin Cold on Your Snowmobile Tour

It seems silly, doesn’t it? Snowmobilers live and breathe the cold – they can’t do what they love without it! Perhaps it’s because the cold is such an obvious factor in the snowmobiling equation, though, that many riders fail to take it into account and thus succumb to frostbite or worse.

Please keep in mind the following to combat the chill of an Upson Wisconsin winter:

●      Dress warmer than you think you’ll need to.

Weather in the Midwest is as unpredictable as it gets! Who knows when you’ll get caught in a wayward snow flurry.

While such weather is part of the mystical charm that comes with snowmobile tours in this region, it certainly can make it chilly! Plus, when you’re cruising down the trails, the constant wind in your face can rob your body of much-needed warmth, so pile on those layers until you look like a marshmallow. Trust us, you’ll be much happier for it!

●      Monitor your extremities.

The areas furthest away from the center of your body – your feet and hands, for example – are often forgotten about when it comes to cold protection, but a good pair of gloves and boots will do wonders.

While it’s important to keep the core of your body warm, of course, your extremities are just as vulnerable to frostbite and tissue damage as any other part of you. Bundle up your face, hands, and feet!

●      Don’t leave any skin exposed.

That non-full-face helmet? It might need to get put in storage until warmer weather. Exposed skin plus the cold is the perfect recipe for frostbite. Make sure your pants, jacket, boots, and gloves are long enough to keep all of you protected. No chinks in your armor allowed!

Book Your Snowmobile Trip at Whitecap Mountains Resort

Our winter resort has it all, from great food to warm lodging to the space for all your hobbies and more. Book your ski resort stay today or give our Upson office a call with your questions at 715-561-2227.

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