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How to Be Family Friendly on the Ski Slopes
Whitecap Mountain Resort
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How to Be Family Friendly on the Ski Slopes

Whether you’re taking ski lessons or exploring the ski resort with lodging alone, Whitecap Mountains Resort is the perfect place to cut loose. Our ski resort is home to trails of a variety of difficulty levels, making it easy for everyone from skiing novice to snowsport expert to get their wintertime kicks. So go ahead, laugh loudly and let your walls down – we welcome everyone!

But it’s exactly because we welcome everyone that we at Whitecap Mountains Resort strive to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere on the slopes. We don’t mean that you can’t be exuberant, or that you can’t show off how much you’re enjoying yourself. In fact, we encourage that – such an enthusiastic attitude is contagious, and it’s that enthusiasm that great vacations are made of!

When we refer to being family-friendly, we’re referring to eliminating profanity and taking care of one another on the mountainside. Doing so is more than common courtesy – it’s giving everyone, including yourself, the chance to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime, both now and in the future.

You’ll Help Encourage Future Generations of Skiers

Kids are impressionable. We’ve all fallen victim to poorly backed-up beliefs we’ve carried since childhood, beliefs that, sometimes, are hard to shake even as adults.

By keeping the slopes a fun place for everyone, you decrease the chances that a child will write off skiing or snowboarding as something they hate simply because they saw something or someone that scared them. You’ll be giving children the best chance to enjoy skiing and snowboarding for what they are – a blast, a challenge, and an awesome way to make new friends while bonding with old ones.

You Might Make New Friends

Very few people would walk up to a snowboarder with a rig riddled with profanity and strike up a conversation. Such words, when presented so outwardly, have the effect of turning a great many people off.

In addition, very few people want to be friends with someone who is outright rude to children. Make the most of your experience at Whitecap Mountains Resort and take advantage of all the new connections just waiting to be forged by being family friendly and kind.

You’ll Have More Fun

Everyone has a different level of tolerance for profanity. By keeping your mouth and your equipment free of it, you’re showing people who choose not to use it the respect they deserve. You’re thus bound to be shown similar courtesy and have a much more fulfilling skiing or snowboarding experience. Don’t be needlessly abrasive – keep the slopes at Whitecap Mountains Resort fun for everyone.

As you can see, keeping your conduct family friendly is more than just a matter of manners. It creates an atmosphere in which everyone can have a great time, including yourself. But how, exactly, can you practice family-friendly conduct?

As you’re probably aware, every person has a different idea for what this conduct is, so we’ll provide some tips to cater to everyone’s definition of the term below. Let’s keep the slopes a welcoming space for everyone!

Ski Lodge Resort Conduct: How to Help Yourself and Others Have the Time of Your Lives

●      Keep the language clean.

When in a public place, keep your language and on a level that you might see in a children’s animated movie. This means when it comes to what stickers and decals you put on your board or helmet, too. Feel free to express your individuality and sense of style, but please do it in an inoffensive way.

●      Treat all skiers and snowboards with respect.

We all know the golden rule: Treat others the way you’d like to be treated. It applies to everything in life, and the ski slopes are no exception. Don’t be petty, and don’t be that guy who goes out of their way to kick up snow onto an unsuspecting newbie and make them crash. The slopes are for everyone, not just those experienced in snowsports!

Even if someone isn’t obeying the laws of common courtesy, don’t stoke the flames of an argument. You’re here, as they are, to have a good time, and showing them respect regardless is the best way for both parties to achieve this.

●      Don’t be rude to children.

We know, we know, kids can be impulsive and loud, and they don’t always make the best decisions, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less deserving of the respect we just talked about.

Our mountainside is made and maintained to be a safe place for everyone to play, so treat kids like humans, and maybe show them a little extra care and courtesy. You’ll inspire them to keep up with snowsports for years to come.

Come Stay at Whitecap Mountains Resort and Experience a Wholesome Good Time

Whether you and your family are into snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or you just want a few days of hitting the slopes, the friendly staff and jaw-dropping spaces at Whitecap Mountains Resort are waiting for you.

Book your trip at our ski resort now or contact our Upson location at 715-561-2227 with questions.


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