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How to Say Safe While Skiing at Whitecap Mountains Resort
Whitecap Mountain Resort
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How to Say Safe While Skiing at Whitecap Mountains Resort

We take safety seriously here at Whitecap Mountains Resort—but that’s another reason to vacation with us! A ski resort that doesn’t talk about safety often would be remiss, as ensuring its customers have a great time is partially a function of ensuring its customers have a safe time.

If you’re a skiing veteran, you probably are all too familiar with the following safety tips, but if you’re a newbie (Welcome!), these will most likely be new. Regardless, keep in mind the following before hitting the slopes:

Take a Ski Lesson

Whether you’ve never skied before or just haven’t been in awhile, taking a ski lesson can give you the tips and confidence you need to stay safe and have more fun on the slopes.

Whitecap Mountains Resort offers top instructors for all ages and levels of skiing and snowboarding. Get skiing tips for beginners here!

Choose Ski Equipment That Fits

Make sure your boots fit properly and bindings are adjusted correctly. Your boots should feel tight, but not so tight they cut off circulation or cause pressure points.

Whether you rent ski equipment from us or not, we’ll be happy to help get you fitted!

Wear Sunscreen on the Slopes

Bring sunscreen and apply it liberally. Though sunburn isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when people think of a wintertime resort, snow is highly reflective and can throw the rays right back at you, making for damaged skin and eyes. It’s a normal part of skiing to bring sunscreen and protective goggles, so don’t feel weird for doing it.

Always Wear a Ski Helmet

It’s tempting to want to be like those snowboarders and skiers in the movies, with your hair free and flying in the breeze—but quite frankly it’s unsafe.  Head trauma if you take a tumble is a very real thing, so don a fashion-forward helmet instead. You’ll feel just as cool wearing the top brands, and you’ll feel even more comfortable pushing your limits when you know you’ll be safe doing so.

Choose Ski Trails for Your Experience Level

Don’t get reckless. Stick to the trails you know you can handle. While pushing your limits is one thing, outright ignoring them is another. You’ll get the most thrill, anyway, when you know you’re safe. No need to turn that thrill into terror!

If you want to get used to skiing more challenging slopes, consider ski lessons. They aren’t just for kids!

Why You Should Book Your Ski Trip at Whitecap Mountains Resort

Other ski resorts don’t hold a candle to ours—just take a look at our trail maps or our reviews!

All of our staff have worked hard to make Whitecap a safe refuge during times of strife and stress. We don’t know about you, but we think 2020 as a whole seems to qualify as such a time!

If you haven’t made up your mind on whether to book your trip, here are a few more reasons to book your ski trip at Whitecap Mountains Resort:

●        We’re Family-Friendly

Ski trips are supposed to be fun, and a lot of that fun comes from spending time with family, meeting new friends, eating lovely ski resort food, and relaxing at the ski resort hot top or ski resort bar once the day is done.

At Whitecap, we’ve got all of these amenities and more—something that, certainly, not every Wisconsin ski resort can say! Make the most out of your vacation time and choose a ski resort that has all the perks necessary to keep your body sound enough and your mind sharp enough to tackle the slopes the next day: Whitecap Mountains Resort.

●        Winter Activities Abound

Adore skiing, but never tried snowboarding? Curious as to what snowshoeing brings to the table? Whitecap Mountains Resort has all the resources you need to branch your outdoor-wintertime passion into other areas.

Very few other ski resorts have the versatility we have, in addition the helpful professionals in a variety of areas, so don’t hesitate to expand your horizons this season. Do something you know you love—skiing—and try something new—pick a page! Whitecap is your wintertime oyster.

●        All Skiers Can Enjoy Our Slopes

Our ski lessons are appropriate for a variety of ages, and we have slopes that span from easy greens to deadly double diamonds. You and your kids, spouse, or buddies can all stay within simple trails, if you want to play it cool, or take on the toughies if you’re up for the challenge.

Whitecap is fun for skiers of all ability levels, and many of our slopes all start at the same point, making getting to them easy and quick.

Man, talk about a missed opportunity if you weren’t to go! Great food, expanded horizons, and having fun as a family or group—we’re pretty sure not all ski resorts can provide all of those at once like we can. We can’t wait to see you out on the slopes.

Book Your Trip with Whitecap Now

We can’t wait to see you safely on the slopes, and if we don’t, well, it’s not just us who misses out. Book your stay now or give our Upson office a call at 715-561-2227 with questions.


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