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Explore Wisconsin’s Best ATV Trails Near Whitecap Mountains Resort
Whitecap Mountain Resort
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Explore Wisconsin’s Best ATV Trails Near Whitecap Mountains Resort

You love the outdoors, and you’ve got the vehicle to prove it: an ATV.

From zipping down fall-time trails to testing your limits over difficult terrain,  you love the trials and the triumphs of time spent riding more than you can express. That’s why it’s time to take an ATV-related vacation!

Whitecap Mountains Resort is an all-seasons resort nestled in the Penokee Mountains in Wisconsin – about four hours from Green Bay and Minneapolis.  With 200 miles of snowmobile, mountain bike, ski, and ATV trails nearby, you can get deep into the heart of Iron County and experience the wilderness and natural beauty of Northern Wisconsin.

Everyone needs to take some time to themselves in this chaotic day and age, and by putting your mental and emotional needs at the forefront of your life, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when you return to your daily duties. Plus, staying at Whitecap Mountains Resort for your ATV vacation is both affordable and pet and family friendly! Our amenities include ski-in, ski-out access, an indoor hot tub and pool, and daily continental breakfast.

Have we convinced you yet? Here are a few more reasons to explore Wisconsin’s best ATV trails during your stay at Whitecap Mountains Resort...

ATV Riding Allows for Social Distancing

Worried about the Coronavirus? We don’t blame you. Despite what seems like ages having passed since it made its first appearance, the threat of illness remains strong.

Luckily, ATV trails create an environment in which social distancing and other safety procedures are not only simple, but somewhat innate. Smart ATV riders already keep a safe following distance between the rider in front of them, for one; maintaining the six feet required for safe social-distancing practices thus is not at all hard. Plus, you’re not exactly going dancing.

In other words, you’re not maintaining prolonged physical contact with anyone, aside from the occasional handshake or fistbump (which can be omitted with little social strife given the current state of affairs). As far as taking vacations during the Coronavirus goes, you’d be hard pressed to find one that minimizes risk quite like spending time at an ATV resort.

Wisconsin Is Gorgeous This Time of Year

Have you taken a look outside recently? At the time of writing this, we’re in those precious few weeks of fall in which the leaves have not yet hit the ground, but are instead turning vivid hues.

While many people who use ATV trails love racing (responsibly, of course) and tearing up some dust (again, responsibly), it’s always a good idea to slow down and take in the view. And quite a view you’ll find if you vacation and take a stay with Whitecap!

Whitecap Mountains Resort Has Activities for Everyone

Our down-home family resort is the perfect home base for your ATV adventure. More than a place to rest after a long day of skiing, Whitecap offers many adventures just waiting for your discovery.


Summer Activities

●        Golf – Skye Golf Club is cut into the ski runs and trails of Whitecap Mountains. Enjoy nine holes while overlooking Iron County, Lake Superior, and Weber Lake!

●        Disc Golf – With its elevated tees and valleys, our 9-hole disc golf course will test your skills and abilities.

●        Nature Tours – Plan a picnic at one of the waterfalls near Whitecap, or rent one of our golf carts to explore the mountain tops.

●        Kayaking, Fishing, Swimming, & More – Weber Lake is the perfect spot for water activities or simply relaxing in the sun.


Winter Activities

●        Skiing & Snowboarding – With ski lessons for all ages, 43 runs for all ability levels, and an average of 200 inches of snow per season, Whitecap’s got the wide-open spaces and helpful staff you need to discover a new winter passion.

●        Snowshoeing, Snowmobiling, Cross-Country Skiing, & More – For those who don’t ski or snowboard, there is still plenty of fun and adventure to be had on and off the mountain trails. The resort offers access to Thunderhead, Eagle's Nest, and Whitecap Mountain, and there are many lakes, trails, and natural attractions nearby.

So hook up your trailer and secure your ATV– it’s off to Whitecap you go! You’ll enjoy a safe and heart-pounding riding experience, along with the chance to learn more about yourself. Don’t miss out!

Planning Your Wisconsin ATV Trip

1.      Plan a trip itinerary. Our resort and the surrounding towns have tons of stuff to do. The more stuff you want to take part in, the more you’ll need to plan ahead to make sure you fit it all in! Nobody likes to be rushed on vacation, so do yourself and your companions a favor and sit down ahead of time to figure out a game plan.

2.      Make sure your ATV licence is accurate, updated, and valid. Nothing is worse than getting to the resort, pulling out your wallet, and realizing that your vehicle registration is out of date! Get everything you need updated and squared away before you need to make last-minute trip preparations.

3.      Give your ATV a tune up. Yes, a trip to Whitecap is exciting, but you should never forget about the health of your vehicle. Being stranded is no fun, no matter where you are.

If your vehicle needs any sort of maintenance at all, it’s crucial you get it done before you’re in unfamiliar territory far from home. While that sensation is exciting when you’re zipping down the trails, it turns stressful if your ATV decides to break down!

Book Your Stay at Whitecap Mountains Resort Today!

Want to learn more about what we offer? Have questions about what terrain you’ll need to prepare for? Contact us by calling 715-561-2227, or if you’re ready to book, click here. We’ll see you on the trails!


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