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Why You Should Plan a Family-Friendly Trip to Whitecap Mountains Resort This Fall
Whitecap Mountain Resort

Why You Should Plan a Family-Friendly Trip to Whitecap Mountains Resort This Fall

Most parents could use a vacation right about now, but just the act of planning a trip can be overwhelming when you have kids under your roof. Whether you’re single, partnered, or part of an extended child-rearing family, you love your kids, that’s for certain. They bring joy and light to your life, and they challenge you to grow as a person, just like you do for them.

However, no matter how much you enjoy spending time with your kids, when it comes to vacations, bringing kids along can make it hard to fully relax. It’s easy to get stuck in “parenting mode” and fail to enjoy the vacation yourself, or spend every minute worrying that your school-age kids aren’t enjoying themselves as much as they used to. Plus, maybe your idea of the perfect vacation revolves around more adult-oriented activities, like golfing and hiking. You find yourself wondering if it’d just be less complicated to leave your kids with a sitter – until you start feeling bad about them missing out on all the fun.

Our advice is to make room in your calendar for both types of vacations – adults only and family friendly! Either way, come to Whitecap Mountains Resort, the ultimate destination for any kind of vacation. Whether you’re looking for a secluded area for a private event or want to spend a week golfing, kayaking, and exploring local attractions, you’ll find beauty and adventure up here in the ancient Penokee Mountain Range and by the shores of Weber Lake.

Family-Friendly Activities at Whitecap Mountains Resort

Vacationing with kids is all about balance. You all are on the trip together to have fun, though your ideas of fun might look different. While you might crave the stillness and physical challenge of a hiking tour, your children are probably more excited by a round of disc golf. In a way, vacationing with kids is no different than vacationing with other adults – everyone is different, and everyone deserves to have a blast on a vacation. Making sure this final principle comes to fruition is as simple as sharing the time you spend together and treating one another as equals.

Of course, that sounds nice on paper, but if you’re not at the right resort, there won’t be enough separate activities available to cater to everyone’s unique idea of fun. After all, how fun is, say, a camping trip for someone who despises camping, even if the rest of the family loves it? Inevitably, someone will end up having a blast, and somebody else will end up locking that horrible trip away in the deepest recesses of their memories.

This is why Whitecap Mountains Resort is the ideal choice for you, a loving and fun-seeking parent, and your kids. With our huge variety of available activities, there’s something fun here for everyone!

●        Let your kids burn off some energy on a Wisconsin hiking tour. Our mountains aren’t just for the serenity-seeking; They’re also the perfect place for some high-energy, on-foot fun. Give your kids free rein to run up and down the trails and expend some of that extra energy they accumulated on the road trip here. Or, if your children are more of the cerebral type, you can spend time getting to know nature more intimately, experiencing firsthand the delicate balance of the gorgeous Wisconsin ecosystem. Regardless of how your kids have fun, you’ll get some much-needed relaxation time in, breathing in fresh air and admiring the warm fall leaves.

●        Teach your kids the importance of patience with a Wisconsin fishing tour. Fishing is an accessible sport for all ages, and it teaches the ever-important lesson of patience – with, hopefully, a fun and flopping reward at the end of it all. Whitecap Mountains Resort is located near numerous Wisconsin fishing holes that contain everything from beginner-friendly panfish to hard-fighting Northern Pike. No matter how old you or your children are, you all can enjoy angling for fish that challenge your strength and your resolve.

●        Try something new together and hit the disc golf course. Disc golf is a challenging, hardcore version of standard golf. It is played with, as the name implies, flying discs, and requires a good throwing arm and plenty of energy. If you haven’t tried this sport yet, we welcome you and your kids to learn something new. It’s an experience that all ages can enjoy! As a bonus, you all will get some exercise in walking from hole to hole. If that’s not your speed or your children are very young, Whitecap Mountains Resort has golf carts available for rent.

Taking time off work to recharge and spend time with those you love most shouldn’t give you a headache. With all the family-friendly activities at Whitecap, the only thing you’ll worry about is how quickly a week can fly by!

Book Your Trip at Whitecap Mountains Resort Today!

From berry-picking to kayaking, you and your children can enjoy it all and come home relaxed and refreshed. For the ultimate family-bonding experience, book your stay with Whitecap today or give us a call at  715-561-2227.

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