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What to Bring to Tour Waterfalls Near Whitecap Mountains Resort
Whitecap Mountain Resort
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What to Bring to Tour Waterfalls Near Whitecap Mountains Resort

So you’re embarking on a waterfall tour near Whitecap Mountains Resort. We’re beyond thrilled to show you what makes our beautiful area of Wisconsin so grand! That flash of electricity in your heart? Lean into it! Your excitement will no doubt be worth it, especially if you’re hiking this area during fall, when the leaves turn to those glorious amber hues that Wisconsin is so well-known for. It’s the best time of year to take a Wisconsin waterfalls road trip, so get ready for the biggest sensory treat of your life – and bring some friends to share it with!

All our raving aside, you probably have one burning question, especially if you’ve never been on such a tour: What on earth should you bring? You’ve probably heard – or learned the hard way – that traveling too heavily can keep you from enjoying everything a hike has to offer. On the other hand, you also know going hiking without the right equipment can be a recipe for disaster. If you’ve ever forgotten anti-itch cream on an off-road jaunt through the wilderness, you surely have learned this lesson firsthand!

The key to packing for a hike is to strike a happy medium. No fear, Whitecap Mountains Resort is here with some packing tips for your waterfall tour!

Packing for a Hike to Wisconsin Waterfalls

First of all, packing is more than physical. What you “bring” on your vacation mentally has a huge effect on how much you can enjoy your gorgeously wild surroundings, just like the contents of your backpack and suitcase. If your mind is weighed down with thoughts of work, family troubles, or even the state of the world, you risk passing through the wilderness like a ghost, lost in your own troubles and not truly engaging with your surroundings.

While it’s so gorgeous here that it’s relatively easy to break out of this pattern, we recommend that you “pack light,” so to speak, when it comes to preoccupations. Clear your head the best you can in whatever way you need to – talking with others, listening to tunes, playing a quiet round of golf, or even engaging in a spirited ride down the many ATV trails near Whitecap – before asking yourself to slow down and truly savor the Wisconsin wilderness at a slower pace. 

Of course, as in life, a great attitude will only get you so far. You also have to take more practical concerns into consideration to get the best results. So when it comes to your Wisconsin waterfall tour, make sure to pack:

●        Your phone. While you might be worried about constantly feeling like you need to use it, having your phone on you is a matter of safety when you’re in a remote area. Having your phone tucked away in your pocket enables you to call for help should you take a wrong turn. As a bonus, cell service lets you learn more about the plants you pass and the environment you walk through, adding a whole new level of awesomeness to your already amazing tour. Still worried about getting glued to a screen? Turn your phone on airplane mode until you need it!

●        Bug spray. A hiker’s best friend, bug spray hinders those pesky deer flies and mosquitos in their quest to sink their mouthparts into your skin. Even if you’re using one of our golf carts to make your way up the mountain, you’d be surprised how fast these guys can fly! Give yourself a nice spraydown before leaving for your tour, but stash the can or bottle away in your bag. In a pinch, you won’t regret it. You’ll be free to enjoy the glory of Wisconsin without interference from, well, the less-than-glorious parts.

●        Shoes that are both tough and broken in. While your old sneakers might be oh-so-comfy, they won’t hold up to rugged terrain. Similarly, while those brand new hiking boots you bought for the trip might be the footwear equivalent of an ATV, they will start to rub halfway through your walk – and blisters are a major bummer. The ideal pair of shoes are ones you know can take a bit of a beating, but also ones you’ve worn about for quite a while. Hiking shoes are indeed a smart choice, provided you’ve had them properly fitted and have taken the time to break them in. In a pinch, though, leather-softening products can help butter up your boots and make them much more comfortable.

Schedule Your Stay at Whitecap Mountains Resort

You’re already coming to see the most gorgeous waterfall in Wisconsin, why not make it an extended vacation? Book your trip with us here or contact our Upson resort with questions at 715-561-2227. We’ll see you on the mountain!

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