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Getting the Most Out of Your Summer Vacation at Whitecap
Whitecap Mountain Resort
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Getting the Most Out of Your Summer Vacation at Whitecap

You probably already know that Whitecap Mountains Resort is filled with fun things to do in the summer. We’ve made a name for ourselves as a premier ski resort, but from disc golf to hiking tours to our local golf course, people of all ages and walks of life can find their fun here all year long. Why else would you have booked a trip? You’re all set for the vacation of a lifetime, to spend time with the ones you love in a serene patch of nature tucked neatly into Iron County, Wisconsin.

Well, at least you’re sort of ready. You’ve squared away the travel tickets, planned time off of work, and have otherwise gotten things in order for your much-needed time off. In all conventional senses of the word, your vacation date is set, but preparations shouldn’t stop there. You’ll need to pack the right gear and get in the right frame of mind in order to have the time of your life. Does that sound like too much work? Don’t worry—Whitecap Mountains Resort is an expert in fun, and we’re here to help make getting ready for your trip almost as fun (and even beneficial!)  as actually taking it. Read on to discover how you can walk into your stay at Whitecap with a smile on your face, a vacation state of mind, and all the right gear in your suitcase so that you can make the most out of your time with us.

Learn to Disconnect from Work

In this day and age, it can seem as though we’re constantly on the clock. Email and web applications can make us feel as though our boss is always watching, even on our time off! Something always needs to get done, too, and modern technology has all-too-readily adapted to let us work from wherever we are. While this can allow some workers the time and flexibility to take care of themselves, for others, it has led to burnout and resentment toward their job. That’s certainly no attitude to bring with you to the office, let alone on vacation!

While we at Whitecap are all for enjoying your time with us in your own way, consider this: work will be there when you get back, so there’s no need to fret about it while you’re supposed to be having fun. Lockdown your email and non-emergency communication apps and let work know you’ll be back at the date you established with them. They’ll understand—especially once you get back and tell them about all the fun you had with us!

Even if you’re physically disconnected from work, though, you still might find it hard to mentally leave the office (or your computer, if you’re working remotely). Will your coworker handle your position well while you’re away? What does your boss think about your latest endeavors? It can sometimes seem as if work is inescapable, even if you’re trying as hard as you can to let go of your anxieties.

The key to ridding yourself of these no-fun thoughts is completely and readily engaging at the moment with an activity you love. Luckily for you, there’s no shortage of activities at Whitecap Mountains Resort. We’ve got something here for everyone, from disc golf courses to Wisconsin tours. So if you’re preoccupied with this problem cropping up, don’t be. We’re sure you’ll drop your nervous thoughts as soon as you get moving!

Discover What to Bring

That’s another thing: what do you need, aside from the essentials, when you’re coming to Whitecap Mountains Resort? Obviously, you know to bring the usual: clothes, toiletries, sunscreen, etcetera. But is there anything specific you need for your impending outdoor adventure?

While what you should bring depends on what sorts of activities you plan to be doing, you can’t go wrong with the following in your suitcase.

●        A hardy pair of shoes | If you’ve chosen us for your vacation, chances are you want to do something outdoorsy, be it zipping down ATV trails in Wisconsin or taking it slower with a mountain tour. You’ll need a good pair of shoes to take to the outdoors unless you want to be walking barefoot all the time! Sturdy, non-slip soles, and a blister-free fit are essential.

●        Extra socks | You probably are stuffed to the gills with clothes already, but you never should forget these. Nothing is worse than soggy socks when you’re trying to enjoy a mountain tour! Consider stuffing an extra pair in your backpack, pocket, or purse when you leave your room, so you’re prepared for anything.

●        A camera | Your phone works just fine—just make sure you have enough memory! You won’t want to miss a moment at Whitecap Mountains Resort, so take extra precautions to make sure you have something to capture each one with.

Embrace a Fun-Filled Outdoor Vacation at Whitecap Mountains Resort

Still undecided about where to take your next trip? Discover all Whitecap Mountains Resort has to offer or book yourself a stay here. Go ahead—we know you deserve it!

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